Follow the green route of Campings Bike&Run

Since we started with the routes Campings Bike&Run our inspiration, love and passion for mountain bike (MTB), trail running and hiking in the Lleida Pyrenees keeps growing.

Each new route, each coming season and each person who shares his experience makes us love the mountain more every day.

Campings Bike & Run connects us with nature. Every time is more difficult to disconnect from technology and live the moment. With the 60 routes that we put forward it will be much easier: pedal along trails, walk through forests and rocks and defy the road ahead of you.

segueix la ruta verda de campings de lleida

If you choose to go out with the mountain bike, the challenge is served. Put to test your mental and physical stamina, whether you’re competing or just trying to keep up with your friends crazy about mountain bike. You will step out of your comfort zone, gain confidence and improve your technique instead of feeling defeated. We promise!

There is a certain magic when you go out to the mountain, whether you get together for cycling as well as for walking or running. Joint motivation for by completing the route elevates the shared experience: love for nature and sports with the people around you and new prospects.

And to top off the day, what else do we need? Relax and talk with your fellow travelers, share a picnic and a fresh beer or another drink, of course!

Follow the CB&R green route:
All the routes that are registered in Wikiloc with the name CB&R + name of the campsite + name of the route, and on the microsite of the project You will be able to find and follow the routes directly from a standard GPS. The degree of difficulty of the route is marked with the colors green, blue and red (from less to greater difficulty). In addition, the CB&R have spaces suitable for cleaning, maintenance and basic spare parts of bikes.

segueix la ruta verda de campings de lleida

The participating campsites are: Alta Ribagorça, Bedura Park, Boneta, Cadí Vacances, El Solsonès, Gran Sol, La Borda del Pubill, La Cerdanya, La Noguera, La Presalla, Nou Camping, Sol i Neu, Vall d’Àger, Verneda i Voraparc.

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