The Easter break is coming, TRY FOREST BATHING

The Japanese call it Shirin-Yoku , which roughly translates as forest bathing . Inspired by Buddhism or Shintoism, it represents a simple and long lasting option to return to being one with nature. There is nothing better to recover from the fast city or work life than forest bathing this Easter holiday. You’re guaranteed the calm effects from submerging yourself between the pine and fir trees with as well as an oxygen fix. Reconnecting with nature has infinite benefits without the need to travel so far.

Make the most of this holiday to calmly explore our spectacular surroundings. You’ll soon see that you don’t need to travel to far and exotic places. The sounds of the forest, perfume of the trees, rays of the sun dancing through the leaves, fresh air and clarity that the Pyrenees provide are more than enough to rejuvenate you… Depending on your frame of mind you can choose infinite experiences. Relaxing massages to rafting, BTT, paragliding or climbing.

Reconnect with yourself and live in the present. Forget your stress and troubles. The Pyrenees will lift you up and revitalize you.

Our campsites are in perfect harmony with nature. Enjoy our forest in every sense.